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Da: Inquisition characters.

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He wanted to die, didn’t he?

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As promised, the birthday card i made for eudyptes, a fellow Varric Tethras appreciator. Pics taken before I wrote the greetings.

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The creativity of Varric fans astounds and delights me in equal measure.

*grabby hands*

that’s the most perfect thing EVER!



And sooo…progress pictures of my Varric cosplay I’m attempting to finish in time for SDCC @_@ The cost is more or less done, and next up is working on pants, spats, then finish up the foam armor. Hrrrrnnnngggh just want to take an extra week off from work @_@

Then remind myself to get a haircut before the con and figure out what to packkk

Oh my gosh, this looks amazing.

DA: O faces


anders’s entire face is contorted, pleasure written plain across his skin as he falls apart completely, utterly, losing himself in this like he does in everything

isabela has the most beautiful smile, looking more radiant than she ever has, more at peace, vibrant and perfect in the arch of her spine

fenris is held-back, tries hard to restrain himself - from feeling or from showing it, it’s not clear - and he bites his lip hard, squeezes his eyes shut, as shudders wrack his body and small gasping moans tear from his throat

alistair is so new to this, nervous about everything but unselfconscious at his climax, groaning aloud, hips stuttering and fingers grasping at his partner, clinging to them to ground him as he shatters

morrigan, understated, one half-jerk of her hips and then she throws her head back, exhales sharply as her muscles go tense and tries not to smile when she comes down

zevran keeps his eyes open, wants to see his partner fall over the edge with him — he bites, sometimes, and cries out until his voice is hoarse, and rides it hard all the way through to the end

sebastian’s brow furrows, mouth open and gasping for air, hair messy, whining desperately and curling forward and pressing his forehead to his partner’s, needing connection, needing

varric is silent, but his body gives everything away, white-knuckled grip on the sheets and toes curling and back bowing up in hard strong thrusts until he collapses back in on himself and opens his eyes and finds his words again

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Evolution - Nathaniel

those eyes.

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The Inquisitor will regularly be referred to by his or her surname, yes.

~ Bioware devs, answering a question in the Raptr DA:I Q&A

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if you’re crying about customizing your rockin keep clap your hands


god is super real there is an option to control the outer color and inner color of irises 


…that is not the appropriate reaction


…that is not the appropriate reaction

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Please play Dragon Age: Origins.

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You have no idea.
No idea.
How much i am waiting this game.

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